Green Initiatives

Concerns about climate change and carbon emissions have prompted the launch of several global, national, and local initiatives to help protect the planet and create a more sustainable future. Global corporations such as Amazon, Apple, General Motors, and Google have also begun to change their business practices in order to ensure a greener future, and many more brands are using their purchasing power and influence to encourage sustainability. Green management, at its core, is about becoming aware of how your behavior, working practices, or production methods affect the environment, and what you can do to reduce your environmental "footprint" and make your business more sustainable.

This may include measures such as:

·         Reducing pollution.

·         Introducing recycling and waste reduction initiatives.

·         Using sustainable supplier and production chains.

·         Increasing your usage of renewable and sustainable energy.

·         Offsetting your carbon footprint with green initiatives, such as rewilding, tree planting programs, or partnerships with environmental charities.

Investing in green technologies.